Watching Video Tutorial As Teaching Strategy To Improve Speaking Skill For EFL learner: A case study of 5th grade students of elementary school

  • Yayah Nurhidayah & Nunu Nurdiana Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Majalengka


This is a descriptive case study investigating a teaching strategy to improve EFL students' speaking skill. The research subject was students of 5th-A grade of SDIT Insan Kamil, Majalengka. In this study, I investigated how watching tutorial video and presenting oral tutorial help students to improve their speaking skill. The students are invited to watch some videos tutorial, so identified these vocabularies and also the expressions. After that, the students are presented another tutorial in English made by them in front of classroom. The findings confirm that these activities triggers students to convey their ideas and feeling, motivated self - confident and improved their speaking skill. The result suggests that video tutorial could be a potentially useful teaching strategy for EFL learner.