• Sri Wahyuni Universitas Negeri Semarang


Technology has been exploited in English educational context to support teachers and learners‘ instructional activities. In accordance with this, a great number of researches have been carried out to explore teachers‘ technology use, its models, impacts, supporting factors, and barriers. However, a few is conducted to evaluate technology use and how it implies to revisit the existing curriculum of English education in higher education. The paper, therefore, is an attempt to fill the gap. It intends to examine pre-service teachers‘ use of technology and its implications for curriculum development. The present study involves 35 pre-service teachers taking part in a two-month internship program in the coordinating schools. To achieve the study aims, the research questions addressed are (1) What types of technology do the pre-service teachers use to facilitate instructional activities?; (2) How does technology support the pre-service teachers‘ instructional activities?; and (3) How does pre-service teachers‘ technology use imply English education curriculum development? The study adopted a qualitative descriptive approach with a survey method and the research data were gained through administering a questionnaire. The data were analyzed by means of the data reduction and coding, interpretation, presentation, and reporting. The findings showed that the participants already adopted various types of technology – devices, multimedia, learning platform, social media, and other. Their choice and use of technology seemed to be affected by the institutional characteristics – technology devices provided by the cooperating schools. Besides, it could be influenced by personal characteristics – the pre-service teachers‘ technology competence and their positive attitude towards technology use in promoting students‘ learning, enthusiasm, motivation, participation, and engagement. It implied that to prepare the student teachers to better perform in their teaching practicum they should be equipped with more practices on various technology use for instructional purposes.