• Yean Fun Chow Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Hasuria Che Omar Universiti Sains Malaysia


Manga translation is getting a lot of attention in translation studies in recent years. Despite researches with different focuses, the relationship between manga translation and the translators in the translation process remains unduly neglected. By bringing this issue to light, this study aims to explore factors affecting the translation procedures adopted by manga translators in Malaysia. This study involves three freelance manga translators as respondents. The data was collected through interviews, and the conventional qualitative analysis of content was adopted to inductively derive factors which affect manga translation in Malaysia. In addition, content analysis was conducted to identify excerpts from a random sampling of manga to support the discussion of the findings. The findings revealed that the government policy, the policy of the publishing companies in Malaysia, target readers, the translator‘s interpretation and language and space constraints are factors underpinning manga translation phenomena in Malaysia. An in-depth understanding of these factors may assist future manga translators to solve translation problems, hence produce target texts that are appropriate to the target social and cultural context.